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  • Miscellaneous Residential Caulking

    Miscellaneous Residential Caulking

    Here is a selection of some of the past projects that we have worked on in recent years. For more…

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  • Custom Cottage Caulking

    Custom Cottage Caulking

    Because we can work in locations all across Southern Ontario, we are able to provide our Caulking services for your…

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  • The Beer Store Guelph

    The Beer Store Guelph

    Here we applied caulking along the sidewalk to the tile wall and also backed and caulked the stucco to stone…

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  • Casino Rama Warehouse

    Casino Rama Warehouse

    Our team removed all existing caulking from the vertical stucco control joints, replaced all backer rod and applied new commercial…

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  • Strip Mall Thornhill

    Strip Mall Thornhill

    Our team was brought in after new stucco had been installed and we sealed up all of the control joints,…

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  • Loblaws Supermarket

    Loblaws Supermarket

    After several years, the caulking on these panels started to deteriorate. We removed the old caulking material and applied Dow…

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  • Paramount Restaurant

    Paramount Restaurant

    Costa caulking was brought in to this project because the contractor wasn’t happy with his previous caulking company. We arranged…

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  • Retirement Home Orillia

    Retirement Home Orillia

    Here I met with the property manager and he informed me that they were experiencing drafts and leaks throughout. We…

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