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Residential Caulking

Protecting your home from water damage, leaks and pests. Serving residents of the Greater Toronto Area for 45 years.

To Home Owners:

We will arrange a visit to see your home. In some cases, no one is required to be home for the quote.

The Process:

  1. We will remove the old caulking material from windows and doors and wall penetrations.
  2. We insulate windows and doors with backer rod and or spray foam
  3. We apply commercial grade *caulking for a long lasting and durable seal.
  4. We will clean away debris when job is completed. We offer a wide range of materials and a 10 Year Warranty

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To Home Builders:

Costa Caulking has many great relationships with our general contractors, home builders and supervisors. We provide a clear detailed scope of work. We will also keep you informed on the progress of each project. Costa Caulking will treat your clients “the home owners” with the utmost respect. Call us today and let us impress you.

*We select only the best materials suited for different applications.

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