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Interior & Landscape


Do you have old moldy shower/bathtub caulking? Are you experiencing leaks due to poor deteriorated caulking?

A leaky shower can cause damage to your floors, walls and ceilings below. Let our professionals provide you with quality custom service and bring the beauty back to your bathroom. Do you have more than 1
bathroom in need of recaulking? Any additional bathroom is “Half Price”!


We are often asked to come in and apply caulking to baseboards, tiles, crown molding, trim and pretty much anything you can think of. It’s all in the detail. It allows for nice clean lines. Caulking these areas can eliminate cracks, gaps, drafts and even insects from entering your home.

We also offer Firestop caulking services for underground garages at block wall and concrete slab penetrations. We provide speedy quotes and can also provide quotes off of blueprints. Contact us today for details.


Our services include landscape stone, pool coping, walkway expansion joints, walkway to foundation, pattern concrete, granite slabs and marble slab caulking services to name a few. As an alternative to mortar and grout, caulking won’t crack over time and can allow for movement as well. Applying caulking to grout lines is becoming more and more popular and reduces the maintenance costs associated with mortar repairs.

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